iPad Resources

Here are some iPad resources for class in general and AP Lang current events in particular. I will update this throughout the year as we figure out what works.

General Curriculum and Assignments
Current Events
  • Apple News — pre-installed, but set it up with some topics and publications you like, and turn on notifications; if you have an iPhone, it will sync with your iPad if you use the same iCloud account
  • Safari Reading List — also pre-installed, allows you to save web pages for offline reading; also syncs to other devices via iCloud
  • Instapaper — another way to save web pages for offline reading which also allows annotations
  • Flipboard — another create-me-a-magazine-from-these-topics app, like Apple News; if syncing this with your phone is important and you don’t have an iPhone, this one also has an Android app
  • The New York Times — Not everyone loves the Times, but they cover a good mix of national and international issues and the reading lexile is high. The push notifications for breaking news can help keep you informed even if you don’t tap in and read each one. You can also just read it in Safari, though you won’t get push notifications that way. Also, they limit you to 10 free articles a month, but there are ways around that.
  • The Washington Post — Their political coverage is arguably more thorough and even-handed than The New York Times, which is all the more important in our current political climate. Their push notifications are also pretty good. There is another, “classic” version of the app that some may prefer. This publication also has a paywall, unfortunately — seven free articles a month — but the same workarounds work here.
  • NPR News — NPR is my go-to source for news. They cover a wide variety of topics and perspectives, spend more time digesting a story than TV news (ugh), and they do a nice job with multimedia. This app includes a playlist feature where you can queue up stories to listen to later. Turn on push notifications for this one too. Their NPR One app features a really cool recommendation engine for picking stories it thinks you will want to hear, but inexplicably this app is designed for a phone-sized screen only and will look gross on your iPad even though it will function normally.
  • BBC News — Even the best American media properties are still too US-centric most of the time. The BBC keeps me informed in what’s going on in the rest of the world, and it also features push notifications. Lots of good multimedia too.
  • The Denver Post — Not always the most award-winning journalism, but they do the best job at state and Denver-metro news. It is yet another newspaper with an annoying but ultimately ineffective paywall.
Tips and suggestions