Monday, 10/2 (A3); Tuesday, 10/3 (B6)

We went over the Rhetorical Situation mini-assessment from a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to discuss specifically some of the information students could have found and didn’t, including details about the author, the publication, and the audience. I then gave students a new text to practice with that we’ll continue working with next class.

Tuesday, 9/26 (A3); Wednesday, 9/27 (B6)

After missing a week of school for a death in my family, I returned to help students back into the book Hole in My Life. I gave everyone some reading time at the start of class, and then I split the class into 10 groups. Each group spent the bulk of class researching one of Gantos’s literary allusions from Part 1 of his memoir. Before we wrapped for the day, I also had students make a list of events in Part 1 that they found surprising as well as events they found confusing.

Monday, 9/11 (B6); Tuesday, 9/12; (A3)

Students returned to their character sketches and comic strip outlines to begin class. We then talked through this website and Google Classroom before beginning final drafts of the narratives. (We also talked about why it’s unnecessary, and actually detrimental to “quit” all of your iPad apps by habitually swiping them off the app-switching screen like some sort of trained monkey. Not only does it not preserve battery, it uses more energy than if you just left them alone.) Then we began looking at the text for the mini-assessment next class.

Thursday, 9/7 (B6); Friday, 9/8 (A3)

We finished up with the Benjamin Banneker piece today, reviewing the types of things I’m going to ask students to find on their own with a new text next week. Students then returned to their narratives. They worked with a partner to identify opportunities for more imagery. Then they wrote up some character sketches for the people in their narratives. And finally they worked on some rough comic strip outlines of the three stories they were attempting to tell. Next week we’ll work on integrating this work into the narratives and assembling a finished product to turn in. Homework: if your narratives aren’t already typed in a Google doc, work on that. You might also spend some time on these character sketches and comic strip outlines.

Tuesday, 9/5 (B6)

To compliment their work on their past/current identity narratives, students today began thinking about their future selves. We will begin weaving all of these narratives together later this week. We spent some more time with the Benjamin Banneker piece today, which we will also wrap up next time.

Wednesday, 8/30; Thursday, 8/31

Students began class by working some more on their personal narratives, hopefully coming close to completing their second story/anecdote. Then we finished talking about speaker/context/audience/purpose for the identity text we began last class. At the end of class, we started working on a new, much more challenging text that I borrowed from the AP Lang exam several years ago. We will continue with this text next time. Homework: try and wrap up your second narrative story/anecdote.

Beginning of year in English 10

We began the year exploring identity. We have watched and read a couple different speeches to get used to thinking about the persona of authors and how that affects their messages. In reading these speeches, students have been easing back into annotation. We will continue with both of these over the next couple of weeks. Students have also been documenting their own identity and are working on drafts of a personal narrative.

Homework: review the course norms with your parents and return the signed slip first thing next week.