Monday, 10/2 (A2); Tuesday, 10/3 (B7)

We finally got back to Current Events today. I made Topic 1/Slide 1 due today, and gave students time to work on these or begin on Topic 2/Slide 2, which is due Tuesday, 10/10 for A2 and Wednesday, 10/11 for B7. I then introduced the next part of Rhetorical Analysis — Appeals. We talked through characteristics of logical, emotional, and ethical appeals, and then we returned one last time to the Steve Jobs speech to try and identify where he uses these different appeals, and how he uses them to further his purpose. After reviewing Claim, Data, Commentary, I asked students to put this all together by writing three short paragraphs, one about Jobs’s use of each appeal. Homework: Part 3 annotations are due Friday for A2 and next Monday for B7; also, don’t forget about Current Events Topic 2!