Thursday, 9/14 (A2)

At the start of class, students divided their novels up into four roughly equal chunks before beginning some reading time on Part 1.

  • Read Part 1 by the start of class on 9/22
  • Part 2 for 9/28
  • Part 3 for 10/6
  • Part 4 for 10/12

We will set due dates for the first current events topic soon, probably next class.

Then we returned to the Mary Sherry essay from last time to begin looking at author/audience/purpose and to practice a dispassionate analysis of a text independent from whatever feelings the text may evoke in us. After discussing this for a bit, we began working with a more difficult text by doing a slow read-aloud and annotation. We’ll continue working with this text next time.

Homework: make some progress every night on those Part 1 annotations.